Most of the users who have not registered or activated their newly installed Windows 7 get the (at times annoying) pop up box saying you need to activate your Windows. It is because of the higher security build platform for Windows 7. Microsoft requires you to activate and register the product within 30 days of installing the new Windows 7.

What is a WGA notification?

Microsoft is extra careful and doesn’t want to support pirated versions of their windows operating system and they are even tighter with Windows 7. A Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) notification is a program that Microsoft uses to validate the authenticity of a Microsoft patent product. It helps validate the copy that is uniquely registered with a product key. Once you register the product on the website the notifications will no longer appear and let’s you take advantage of the support and improvements that Microsoft does offer to this particular product.  It is also helpful in knowing if you were accidently sold a non genuine copy of Windows 7 and you could get it replaced with an original copy.

Have your Product key handy

The next time you get the WGA window, click on it; if you don’t have the window, you can access it by right clicking on My Computer icon and choose Properties, in the new System properties window at the bottom you will the number of days that is left to activate your Windows 7. Click on “Change Product Key” and enter the Product key that you will find on the Windows 7 CD package and click OK. Remember you need to be connected to the Internet for this to work, because once the product key is entered the computer will verify with Microsoft to ensure the validity of the key and soon you might be given the option to register the product. Once all this process is done you will be notified that “You have successfully activated Windows”. This should fix the problem.

Remember and do not Fret later

You have to remember this that Windows 7 needs to be registered and verified within 30 days of installing the copy on your computer. If you fail to do so, you will not be able to access any of the programs that are there, because the operating system will consider you as a non-genuine Windows 7 user and lock all programs. However, you will be able to access your saved files and program lets your transfer the files to an external drive.  After that you will have to reinstall your Windows 7 from the scratch using your windows 7 CD.

Windows 7 had advanced security control; at the same time has features that are not meant to make your life difficult but to safeguard both yours and Microsoft’s interest. I would advice you activate and register the production the same day you installed the new Windows 7 update on your computer, that way you never have to deal with the annoying Windows Genuine Advantage notifications.