The Internet is a facility which has been made available at many homes now. People are now very much dependent on the web in their everyday lives. However, despite the importance that it holds in their lives, many fail to recognize the priority of internet network security in order to keep hackers away from gaining access to one’s computer. Thus, there are a few tips that one needs to follow in order to maximize one’s network security and configuration.

Instructions to Maximise Network Security

Firstly, there are few basic settings that one needs to follow which involve changing the default

Username and password. Many routers are set up with default usernames like “Admin” or “Administrator”. The password fields in these cases are usually left blank or use the same phrase as the username as default. This provides an opportunity for other users to hack into one’s system as the fact is very well known to many.

Next, the MAC setting is one of the key settings that one needs to get familiarize with. For this, the functioning and setup of the router needs to be well explored and understood to take advantage of its network security options and tools. The MAC setting option gives the opportunity to permit only specific devices and computer networks.

This way one can provide himself with safer and more reliable network security solutions. Also, one need to keep the firewall enabled and turned on as routers contain a built in firewall in order to maximize the network security.

Changing the SSID is an important precaution one may take, against leaving the name default by manufacturer. Although this does not affect the security of the network, its something hackers may notice and thereby take steps to gain access to one’s security enabled network.

Another important step one might take to maximize foolproof security is to disable the SSID from being broadcasted or shown over the airways. This will hide the status or availability of the network, thereby reducing any probability that it will be noticed by hackers. This is especially useful from the business point of view, as lots of confidential information is at stake.

Apart from the above instructions, another additional tip which can be followed is that the username and password needs to be changed regularly, at least once every 30-90 days to avoid the system being prone to hacking of information. There is no connection which is 100% safe, so all the above steps must be followed together.