Monitor provides electronic visual display to a computer which is used to display information stored in hard drives and also used to perform some graphic functions. You can’t do a single task with having a display as it’s very much similar to a person without eyes. Flip is used to view graphic from different angles in a computer and mostly it may be required when the direction of monitor would be easily perceptible at diverse degree. Having knowledge of this important ability is very helpful when Monitor display is ascended at uncomfortable angles.

To perform this task you need to follow these instructions that are mentioned as follows:

Performing the tasks

Firstly, you need to start your system and then right-click with the help of mouse on “desktop”. Here you will see a menu in the pop-up on the screen. Then select the ‘properties’ option and after that you will find another screen in the pop-up containing the various items in the form of tabs.

Now you need to click on the tab of “settings” and then search for button named as “advanced”. Now move towards the Driver of “Intel Graphics Media Accelerator” and proceed towards the ‘Graphic properties and select the option of “rotation”. After this, don’t forget to enable rotation and now just press on the option of “apply first” and then press the “OK” Button. After clicking on ok you will be back on the “desktop”.

There is some software available that can help you flip your screen or a video card friendly with your hardware. The new era has gifted us many technological advances. Amongst them is the feature of flipping your screen display. If you possess a laptop you might want to flip the screen display so that you can read your documents as if you are reading a book. Rotating laptop also becomes a necessity when you want to attach the Laptop to a LCD TV for showing your presentations. In such circumstances or others alike learning how to flip a screen display might be useful.

Confirming the tasks

The first step you need to perform is to confirm that whether the adapter driver of your screen advocates such feature. Using shortcut keys for rotating your screen is always a good option. If you would like to rotate your screen display to 270 degrees then you need to press Cltrl+Alt+Right keys. If 90 degrees is the angle you want to rotate your screen to then press Cltrl+Alt+Left.If pressing the shortcut keys does not work as per your demand then you can choose the next option that asks you to browse the properties of your desktop. Enter the properties menu by clicking the desktop with a right click. Once there, click on the ‘settings’ tab.’ Advanced Tab’’ on the ‘’settings tab’’ is where you should click the next. Check the settings of your video card. You many then rotate your screen display by entering the angle and clicking the ‘apply’ button. Thus, now you can easily flip the monitor display of your computer.