A large number of people are using the windows 7 operating system nowadays. Due to its high compatibility and high graphics, it provides a lot of ease to the developers and as well as the users of the computer. That’s why windows 7 operating system is one of the most popular operating system from all the available operating system all over the world. We have two types of formats in Windows XP operating system; one is Fat file system while the other is NTFS file system. In Windows 7 operating system Fat32 is replaced with the exFat format. This file format type in windows 7 operating system facilitates the users to format a removable disk or the drive with exFat. I will now discuss how to format a drive with exFat formatting, in this article.

There are a few simple and very easy steps that you can follow for formatting the drive using exFAT format in Windows 7 operating system. First of all you must have a windows 7 operating system installed on your computer to format the drive using the exFAT file format. If you have installed the Windows 7 operating system connect your removable device or the hard drive which you want to format.

Remember if you want to format a drive of your computer, it is not possible to format the main hard drive with exFAT format using windows 7 operating system. If you want to format this then connect the drive as a slave drive or as a secondary main drive. This method for formatting the drive using exFat file format is not just only for the hard drives but you can also format the other removable devices like SD card and this is a major advantage.

In the second step, go to the Start menu icon located at the left bottom corner of your computer’s desktop. When the start menu dialog box appears, you should click on “My computer”. Now after selecting this icon from the dialog box, perform a right click on your desired drive which you want to format with exFAT file format. You can easily format the secondary hard drive of your computer, although you will not be able to format the primary drive of your computer using windows 7 operating system with exFat format.

Now in step four select the file system format type. There are three formats for the hard drive available in Windows 7 operating system. These choices are NTFS, Fat, Fat32 and exfat. Default setting will be at the FAT, but now you should select the exFat formatting option. Now click on the start button to format the drive. After formatting, all the data available currently on the drive will be erased. You can format the drive to make more space or for any other needs by using this method expressed above.

However, there is also a number of software available on the internet to recover the data that has been erased. You can recover the data in case you have formatted the wrong drive by mistake or if someone else had erased all the data on your personal computer.