Windows XP was one of the exceptional operating system of Microsoft that brought immense prospects to the brand and great pleasure to users. Being available in three different editions as Windows XP home, Windows XP professional and Windows XP media centre, three of the operating system oriented the users. It has also been successor of windows 2000 and ME. Moreover Windows XP brought the hybrid architecture which added a lot of benefits in the user’s court. People who had been working on other operating systems got inclined to have windows XP loaded on their hard disks. It demands a format of the hard disk before the installation of windows XP. However format of the system wipes off all the information, the drivers and the software’s .Therefore it is important to get a back up of all the information on the hard disk which could be in DVD’s, personal media drives etc. Afterwards follow the following steps:

1.Get the windows XP CD handy

2.Follow the blue screen and load files

3.Rightly select the File system

Get the windows XP CD handy

The windows XP CD should be kept handy. Not everyone look for installing the home edition so choose on the edition you prefer to install. Insert the CD into the CD Rom drive. The window would give options of booting from the Depress the key and the system would start booting from the CD.
Follow the blue screen and load files

After the system boots from the CD, the blue screen would appear which would load files for some time. Afterwards the window would ask for Set up options which would require enter or return to be pressed. Following which the hard disk format screen would appear. At the lower down of the window the existing partitions would appear. If you wish to remove the partitions and set up your own press L and you will get access of creating partitions and allotting space. Check on the default size should be the maximum partition and then choose on the partition you would like to install windows XP.

Select the File system

There are different file systems that hard disk support, however NTFS had been the latest and the most secure file system. So select the file system as NTFS following with either quick or options below. Almost all the user inputs are done and the operating system starts installing all the files. It is the time to be ready with the software’s and drivers for your devices. It takes a while to load the operating system to the hard disk.

The comprehensive description of formatting of hard disk with windows XP helps in a step by step proper formatting of the hard disk. Allotting partitions and installing the operating system. Moreover if you have already got windows XP and wish to create partitions in the hard disk then Windows XP Disk Management tools could also serve the purpose.