The Nintendo Wii reads data from the SD cards which sometimes might cause problems as it does with all the other devices that use it. The Secure Digital or SD cards normally need to be formatted via PC otherwise devices like PSP, Xbox or PS3 have their own formatting options.

Basic Requirements

A computer system with an inbuilt Memory Card Reader (must be able to read SD cards) or a Computer system and an external SD card reader, and adapter.

Formatting Memory Card For Nintendo Wii through Windows

1) First, connect the SD Card to the Computer System or the Card reader via a USB cable, and wait for the Computer to recognize the card. Once detected, the Computer (in Windows Operating system) will show a dialogue box for opening the drive or an Auto play dialogue Box.

2) Click Open in the Auto play dialogue box. If it does not appear, then go to My Computer (For Windows) and click on the Memory Card which would now be seen as a drive letter for an external Hard Data Source.

3) After recognizing the drive, Open the Drive and copy all the data from the memory card to any backup source so as not to lose any important data. You may make a backup in your primary Hard Drive or any external hard Drive or make multiple backups, depending on importance of the data.

REMEMBER: Formatting erases all data on a hard Drive or memory card and it is essential to back up the data securely before performing any such operation on the Drive.

4) Now, right-click (for windows) on the Drive letter of the Memory card. The menu will drop down. In the menu, left – click on Format option.

5) As the formatting window opens, make sure that you uncheck the Quick Format option and then Left Click on Start. In case of a hard drive, selecting the type of partition (like Fat32, NTFS etc are also important) is a mandatory step.

6) Now, as the SD card is formatted, the progress bar will fill up. The time to be taken depends entirely on the configuration of the Computer system and its power, and the size of the SD card to be formatted. Note that a corrupted card might not be formatted properly.

7) After the formatting is completed, click on the Finish or Close button to end the process. Now the card has been formatted.

Please note that the instructions of Right-Click and Left-Click are for a system operated in Windows only. For Linux, Mac OS, the basic instructions will be as per the respective operating system.

After formatting, insert the SD card into the Wii system, and get to the Main menu. Then go to the system menu with the help of the remote, and under the system menu tab, select Data Management. Under this tab, click on the second to load your SD card, which should be empty as formatting a card erases all the date from it. Just use the copy option to transfer a file from the Wii system to the SD card. After this, the proper formatting of the SD card for your Wii is completed.