An informative and a neatly designed website always attracts more number of visitors. It all depends on how effectively the website or the blog is constructed. If the website appears to be too messy without clarity of conveying the message then you may be at a loss of good earning from the Google Adsense. In a way, maintaining your website contents and your ads will enhance its design.

Ad format

Google Adsense offers many ad templates that can be selected according to the need. The ad formats comes out in different sizes and each one of it will suit your need in some way or the other. Simplest of all is the Text ads which can be kept on your blog. The Text ads include a keyword, information on the content and the URL of the website. Usually these text ads come in a box with a white background and a blue lining. The box can take one or more text ads depending on the size of the web page. For example the Leader board measuring 728 X 90 can occupy 4 ads. Tiny ads with the box measuring 125 X 125 and 180 X 10 can occupy one single ad. Around 3 to 5 ads can be placed on vertical posters like Skyscraper measuring 120 X 600 and Wide Skycraper measuring 160 X 600.

You have other ad formats carrying your images and videos and they can accommodate one ad. The desired ad and the size can be selected once you are ready with your blog or webpage. The simplest among the Google adsense is Link units. They do not occupy much of your web space and they are flimsy. They carry the product’s keyword alone. These keywords link you to the website.

Location Identification

First be ready with the location of your ads. Then have a detail study on your webpage or blog and identify the places for your ads. The most visible part of the blog is the top most portion of the blog and placing the ad in that portion will attract visitors. The Leader board Image Ad is a prominent one for the top portion ad as it spreads widely covering the top portion entirely. Banners can be placed in-between your article contents effectively. The left and right vertical side of your webpage can carry the Google adsense ads. The Skyscraper and Wide Skyscraper are the ideal image ads for the left and right side display. The box ads, which are small, can also be placed on the sides. Though they look small they will be still visible.

Coloring the Ads

After completing the selection of ads and identifying the places for them on your webpage, you may now concentrate on coloring the ad. You may select colors that will contribute to the contents and design of your website. This sense of coloring will attract more visitors to your blog. You can make it flashy with your coloring but keep it in mind that you give equal importance to your contents. A color sense complementing both the contents and the design will attract more visitors to your website.

Overall Google Adsense will make your website more attractive if the ad format and the color choice are made out perfectly.