Excel gives the maximum flexibility it can give to its users. Microsoft has taken care of every possible issue that can be taken care of and what got remained will be obviously taken care of in its newer versions according to the user’s feedbacks. Microsoft’s team keeps tracks of the desired users who allow themselves and keep reviewing the user’s feedback so that the user don’t face any problem while using it. Microsoft is making it simpler version by version. Whatever problem you face in earlier versions will not be there in the latest versions.

In Microsoft Excel, a user has an option to format cell numbers according to their needs or you can say however the user likes. User can change and can modify the existing data formats to other formats like the numerical data format can be changed to other formats like date format, currency format and many more according to the users need. It provides a list in the options; user can choose from among the list or can create a format of their own.

So in order to change the current format to other format you need to follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1:

Obviously I would not have to tell this that in order to try these steps you need to have Microsoft Excel installed in your system, if not install it. It comes bundled with Microsoft office.

Step 2:

Now open the Excel from the Microsoft office menu and open any existing file you want to change.

Step 3:

Next you job will be to select or choose the cells you want to format and then have to open the Format menu which you will find on the Toolbar and then have to click on Cells.

Step 4:

Upon click on cells a dialog box will appear where you have to choose the Number tab where you find the various format types in the Category list. On clicking certain category, description of the selected format will be displayed so as to help you out to make you understand the format. Find out the desired format type you want to make the conversion and then hit the Ok button to accept making the changes.

Step 5:

No further steps you are done, observe the changes on your file. If you want to make your own customized format, instead of clicking on any particular formats in the list select Custom in the list and then write out the codes of your desired format. If you are not familiar with the codes you will get help about the codes of different formant in the Microsoft site which will make it easier to understand and then write accordingly. To avoid any problems you can try it on useless file and then can apply on the desired file where you want to make the changes through the customized format.