Nvu is normally used for construction of a webpage or website and is open to anyone without the HTML knowledge and technical expertise. It is easy to navigate and use and doesn’t dominate your system resources. As you feed the website related articles in the main window the program starts building the necessary code for the contents. The text fed is easily edited with the tools provided by the Nvu program. The tools are almost like the Microsoft word formatting tools.

Nvu works with the applications like Linux, windows and even Mac. You get a detailed guide on how to create a website at no cost with this program. You can avoid spending on the commercial applications like Dreamweaver when you can make the website with your own skills and creativity absolutely free of cost.

Coloring the text

Activating the color swatch in the tool bar easily changes the color of the text. Select the particular word or group of words that you want to color. Make sure that the word is selected with the highlight indication. Click on the swatch button and select the desired color from the palette. These colors are compatible with the Internet.

Font size

Select a word or a group of words then navigate to the toolbar at the top of the window. You will find a button imprinted with letter “A”. You will also find two buttons carrying the letter “A” and has an upward and downward arrow key next to it which indicates the field of increasing or decreasing the font size. The necessary font size can be arrived using these arrow keys.

Font Enhancements

If you need more importance to a particular word or a sentence you can either “bold” the word by using “B” button from the toolbox or “underline” by using “U” button.

Text Alignment

There are three types of alignment available in the taskbar. The lines in the button will indicate the type of alignment. The alignment change can be applied to a whole page or a paragraph as desired be it at the center or left or right.

Font Type

If you have to change the font type of a particular word or a group of words you need to highlight the particular word. Then navigate to the “variable width” field on the top of the toolbox. Click on the drop down menu for the font types and select the desired font. The highlighted word will immediately change to the selected font type.


You can create links using the link button which carries an image of a chain link. When you need to change a text or a group of words into a link, which can be opened in your browser, this button does the needful. An empty dialog box opens for typing out the URL for the concerned website.

The tools available in Nvu are well-acquainted tools and they are found in almost all applications, which we use generally for editing, formatting and printing.