Do you have a passion for writing? Do you treasure your articles? Well, if you do then why keep them as a bundle of paper? You are welcome to publish your treasure be it a story, biography, journal or a novel for the Kindle eBook Reader. Your written data is electronically stored in the Kindle eBook Reader and is digitized in the form of eBooks or electronic books which can be read by different types of readers. The users usually download several books and stack them under desired titles in Kindle. Are you getting bored of carrying heavy books in your bag? Well, there is nothing to worry as you can organize and save your books in your Kindle which acts as a library. Kindle is easy to manage and carry as it is slim and weightless.

Format your eBook using Microsoft Word

Amazon’s Digital Text Platform shortly DPT offers you a wide range of audience for your eBook. When you place your eBook in Amazon for sale, the readers may buy and download it to their Kindle Reader. You just need to format it before you place it for sale in Amazon DTP. You can format it using Microsoft word and save it for web in HTML format. Open Microsoft Word and go to the “File” menu. Click “Open” and choose the location of your document and open the document. Scan for any spelling or grammatical errors and correct them accordingly. After scanning, save the document to its original name and get ready for the next step. Now, again go to the “File” menu, as the document is still open at the behind and click “Save as”. Give a new name to the document and choose location of saving as Desktop, as it is more convenient to locate your files instead of searching your entire hard disk.

Now under “Save as type” tab click the drop down menu and select “Web Page” format. Then click the “Save” button to exit from the dialog box. Now your file is ready for uploading.

Uploading your eBook

You have your book in HTML version now. Go to the Amazon DTP website and log in to your account with your user name and password. At the Amazon panel choose “My shelf” and then choose the “Add New item” option. Feed in the title of your eBook and give a concise narration on your book. Try to give keywords that are very close to the contents of your eBook, which will fetch you more readers to the site. Now, move on to the “Upload and Preview Book” part locate your HTML file document, which is in your desktop. You can use the preview button to check for mistakes that escaped while checking. Last but not the least, enter the cost price of your eBook and click “Done”.

You might find this procedure and its result to be demanding with Amazon DTP at the beginning. As you find lot of Kindle eBook readers scattered all over the world, you get an opportunity of showcasing your creativity in writing and this in turn will establish your readership.