Android is one of the leading smartphone OS developers. Android Inc was acquired by Google in July 2005 and since then it has been toping the US market. Android smartphones are robust stylish and easy to use. It supports multiple useful applications including Google apps like Gtalk and other third party applications, which makes it more desirable. The Android marketplace website, used to download and install application, is already filled with 70,000 applications and most of the useful applications are free of cost. Such facilities makes this samrtphone the most popular mobile device and the Google Android smartphone is already leading the US market.

One of the major features of Android mobile phone is the option of personalization and customization. It allows you to creating your own free ringtones by and that also from your personal music files. You can create any ringtone of your favorite song.

Here are some simple steps to obtain free ringtones on your Android mobile


Access the Android marketplace to download Apps to edit music file as you would need this special application to create ringtone on your smartphone. Search for the application called Ringroind on Android marketplace website. This application is used to cut and and convert sound clips into ringtones for your mobile phone.


Download and install Ringroid application on your phone. Open the application and search for the music file which would like to convert into a ringtone. You will have the select portion option to cut the music files into small portions and use those bits to convert to a ringtone. You can also use the search option from Ringroid app to look for the particular music file.


The application will display the music file in the form of sound waves. You have to use the play function to find the desired music file which needs to be converted into ringtone. In this section, use the drag tool to set the start and end point of the music file, which will be cut into a portion and will be used as ringtone.


After the selection procedure, click on “save” button appeared on the screen to save the music file portion. This will be appeared as floppy disk icon. The application will ask you to name the particular ringtone and also try to set the ringtone as the default ringtone for your mobile.

These simple steps will allow you to get free ringtone and that also out of your song library. You can select any portion of song to convert into ringtone. The newly created ringtones stays in your default ringtone library and the whole procedure does not affect the original music file.