WordPress is the most used blogging CMS software all around the world. It is very easy to use and versatile software, which is suitable to anyone from beginners to advanced users. It provides rich text editor, advanced multimedia support and large supporting community. WordPress is very powerful open source software which is available freely for your website. It provides many modules for most of the famous websites and its intuitive administration interface can be handled by anyone. When you create your blogs with WordPress you will be able to compose a post and immediately publish it on your website. You can easily customize the look of your website with the help of WordPress themes.

A WordPress Theme or template is the look of your site, with some predefined layout of possible sidebar or widget positions including the main website graphics like header, footer and logo. A WordPress theme can convert an ordinary website into something stunning. You can either create your own theme from the scratch or you can download freely from the Internet. There are many websites which provide WordPress Theme Shops or directories for free and premium WordPress themes and Blogger templates. Even many blog designers also offer free, custom and premium WordPress Themes. So you will get lots of choices, and it is really confusion for you to decide the best theme for your website or Blog. So, here are discussed some factors which will help you to make good decision for selecting a WordPress Theme for your website.

Budget & Functionality – For free themes there is no need to do anything with Budget. But if it is custom or premium themes then you need to think. Custom themes can be created by blog designer for specific blog, which can cost much. Premium themes can be purchased online. So, you can decide it based on your budget and your functional requirement.

Layout – It is very important to consider layout while looking for WordPress Themes. Most blogs are of 2-3 columns, some use magazine style themes, photo themes, and many different layout. So, review different available designs and then choose the layout which is suitable for your website.

Design & Functional Elements – While choosing a theme you need to consider color, fonts, and many design elements which can be customizable using CSS. Also, analyze functional elements like links at end of posts, text in block quotes, the comment section, post titles, “Next” “Previous” links and so on.

Read reviews – Before choosing any WordPress Theme some take time to read the review for the different available templates.

Here are provided list of websites from where you can download WordPress themes freely and use it for your blog or website.

  • WordPress.org- Here you can find around 1000 free themes with different layout.
  • WordPress Themes – In this site you can get 3000 free themes. New themes will be added daily so that you will get updated details on new themes. Using “Theme Search” tool you can get themes of the specific category.
  • WP Themes Press – It contains very less themes around 100, but they all are high quality and unique. You can easily find different themes by selecting specific category given on left side of the page.
  • Blog Oh! Blog – Here you can find tons of free and payable WordPress Themes with great look and customizable option.