You would have noticed that Windows 7 asks for your location at the time of installation. This is done for many reasons related to the registration and activation but also serves another purpose of applying a localised theme on your computer. Ye sit is true. A person installing Windows 7 in South Africa will get a different default theme after installation and a person installing Windows 7 in Australia will get another theme applied by default. How does this happen?

This happens because Windows 7 includes 5 themes in it and the appropriate theme is applied on the basis your country selection. And yes what you are thinking is correct – these themes can be accessed and applied if you wish. Though these themes are not available in the personalisation windows of your Windows 7 computer but they can be added in there. Let us see how this can be done and let’s add more colours to our Windows 7 Desktop.

To start with first you need to unhide the system files so that these hidden themes can be viewed. This can be done by opening Computer and then clicking on Organize. In the organize menu click on Folder and Search Options. Once you get this window open click on the second Tab which is View. Under the View tab you will find a box called Advanced Settings and there would be many check boxes and radio buttons. Put a dot in the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” and uncheck the box “Hide Protected operating system files (recommended)”. Once you are done with these changes click on OK to let the changes take affect. Now in the same Computer window open the C Drive and then the folder named Windows. In Windows folder locate and Open Globalization folder. And finally in the Globalization folder open the folder named MCT. In the MCT folders you will find 5 more folders named AU, CA, GB, US and ZA. Au stands for Australia, CA for Canada, GB for Great Britain, US for United States, and ZA for South Africa. These are the folders which actually have the files in them and now we need to open the open them one by one to unhide the themes and make them usable. Under each folder there would be four folders and we have to open the folder named Theme for using the theme. Let us open the C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT\MCT-AU\Themes folder. In this folder you will find a file with an extension of .theme. Double click on this file to apply the theme. Along with getting applied it will also get added in the Personalize windows and later it can easily be used by just right clicking on the desktop, selecting Personalize and then selecting the Theme option.

The way we used and applied the Australian theme from the MCT-AU folder similarly do the same for themes of other countries. Once you are done with this do not forget to revert the changes which we did in the View Tab of Folder options to hide the system files.