System security is one of the most annoying and undesirable application available on the system. It will scan the system then tell you that some malwares or viruses are present in your system and tell you to download an application from the Internet. The main problem is that it always gives wrong information and always produces annoying pop-ups and it also creates Trojan horse. Trojan horse is a type of dangerous virus which is highly critical application available in the system. Trojan horse affects the system files and destroys all the data. Trojan horse becomes a headache when the computer is connected on the network; it steals other’s data and gives the system a remote access. To delete and remove system security Trojan horse, you have to remove the whole system security tool from the computer.

Now just follow the instructions given below.

Step1: end the process

To end the process, click on the start menu. Now go to the search programs and files box and type taskmgr, press enter. Now you have to click on the processes tab, after that right click on the” systemsecurity.exe” and press enter.

Step2: delete registry values

When you end the process, just go to the search programs and files box and type regedit, now press enter. Now you can see the registry edit window, just click on the edit tab and then click find. Now in the find box type: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run systemsecurity”. When you press enter, the registry editor will automatically find and highlight the registry key. Now to delete the registry key, just right click on the key and select delete.

Step3: now the last step is to remove system security files and folders.

To delete the entire registry, click on the start menu and type cmd in the search programs and file box. Now we will provide all the commands you have to type and press enter.

“del 1632575944.exe”, “del config.udb”, “del init.udb”, “del English.lng”, “del German.lng”, “del Spanish.lng”, “del System Security.lnk”, “rmdir 538654387”, “rmdir Languages”, “rmdir System Security”

Type above commands and press enter to delete the entire files and folders related to the system security tool. When you perform the entire steps, you are protected from system security Trojan horse. Now close the command prompt and restart the computer. Next time when you boot the computer you will get a clean and protected computer without any viruses or spywares. As Trojan horse are very difficult to detect, hence sometimes antivirus and antispyware tools do not work properly to find them. You have to delete them manually by using the above steps.

We recommend you to uninstall the whole application, because every time you open this it will create some Trojans and may be destroy the entire operating system. While doing these changes in the system, keep some points in the mind like when you will change or modify the registry in the registry editor; it can cause serious damages in the system. It may corrupt some Windows files and you will have to reinstall the operating system.