Antivirus programs are really helpful when it comes to system protection. It protects you from unwanted virus, malware and other attacks. There are some antivirus programs where a window pops up with either a question or a statement every time when you open a new website or open a new program. This can be very annoying sometimes when you are forced to close this pop-up window every time.

You can try to remove these pop ups completely or you can remove it completely by following the steps given below.


First step is to open your Internet browser and wait for the pop-up window. Now just look for a small check box that says “don’t remind me again”. Now you will have to check the box to remove the pop-up window. If check box does not appear, then proceed with the following steps. If the check box is present then you have successfully removed the pop-up window and you do not need to go further.


Now you have to open the antivirus program installed on your system.


Now in the antivirus window, select the option tab and you will get a small pop=up window after a few seconds. If you want you can edit several other features about the program. In that window, look for a pop-up window feature and turn it off. You can see the small check box and perform the operation.


Now to remove the antivirus from your computer, go to start tab on the computer then select control panel. In the control panel, select add/remove programs to uninstall the antivirus from the computer.


In the new window, just scroll down to find the antivirus program and select uninstall or remove to remove this program from the computer. After the uninstallation process completes, restart the computer.