For your safety in buses and trains you have instruction like beware of “pick pocketing”. The same applies to computers as well. Beware of malwares or spy wares. They usually knock on your door amid when you are busy surfing the Internet, a pop-up arises saying,” your computer is under serious threat, get it cleaned with Anti-virus XP Pro”. Bear in mind such kind of pop-ups are nothing but a source of benign and at the same time a venomous trap for you. You may reckon why venomous trap and especially novice people find it quite fruition for them, but truth is something very different. This kind of “Anti-virus XP Pro” is the source of malware or spy ware, which slowly but soundly eats up your computer leaving you dumb struck. Some also end up and this is where is find yourself in a trap, a malicious software developer sees to it that you get attracted to its eye-catchy advertisement and end up purchasing a gigantic amount and all your amount spent goes in vain.

How can you prevent yourself from such an intrusion if you get to meet such kind of stuff? Will you let your hard earned money go in to the pockets of those people who have intention to rather destroy your computer or take who compel you to pay them the money they want? Sounds quite bewildering but reality are that you can rather prevent them these malicious software. Such kinds of ads are nothing but a malware, which causes ill performance of your computer and thus leaves you irritated and disturbed.

You can easily give an answer to such kind of malware software by installing any anti-malware software like malware bytes and thus will be helpful to you to get rid of Anti-virus XP pro. All you will need to do is to download and install malware bytes and scan your system with it, to get rid of Anti-virus XP pro.


Step one

Download Malware bytes from Once you have the malware bytes installed get it installed on your PC, by double-clicking on the malware bytes setup and follow the instructions to install it on your PC.

Step two

Once installed, access the Malware bytes software by clicking on the icon which will show up after you have completed the installation of the malware bytes.

Step three

In the windows prompted of “Malware bytes”, find and select “Start Full system scan”. A dialogue box will be prompted on which you may click on the “scan” tab in order to begin the process of scanning your computer. Be patient while the full scan of the computer may take several hours to complete.

Step four

Click on the tab of “Show Results”, once the scan completes.

Step five

Check all the items listed and click on the tab of “Remove Selected”. Malware bytes will then delete all the checked files and malicious cookies.

Step Six

Re-start your computer once you are done with the above process.