The Antivirus System Pro is another malicious virus that attacks your computer anytime before you even come to know about it. This particular virus affects your computers not only speed but also the memory. It slows your computer down, it redirects or can also hijacks Internet Explorer so that when you are browsing the web, instead of going to the page you want, you will be diverted to one of the hacked pages that says “the site you are going to may be harmful to your computer and you need to download Antivirus System Pro.” This is one of the rogue anti-viruses; at any cost do not download!

Just like most of the other rogue antivirus applications Antivirus System Pro is also a rogue that claims many things on your computer are infected with virus (toolbars attached to the browser, most any application you attempt to launch). It will repeatedly make claims that your system is under attack. While web browsing, most of the search result pages are hijacked to redirect to pages of their own choosing and there are occasional porn site popup).

The following are the steps which are relatively easier and will tell you how to get rid of the anti-virus system pro virus.

Step 1:

First and foremost you need to Close all the open programs and windows on your computer. Then Click the resource link at the end of this article known as, “Malware bytes’ Anti-Malware.” On the right side, under the heading, you will see a tag with “Get rid of the Antivirus System Pro Virus”, click on the link. Please note that this is a free program.

Step 2:

Immediately after the click, a file download box will open asking you if you want to “run or save this file?”You need to click run. This will start downloading the Malewarebytes’ Anti-Malware to your computer and place an icon on your desktop. Just a note as soon as you see the “Antivirus System Pro” pop up on your screen you should immediately follow the steps; this virus can destroy your computer’s memory and/or hard drive.

Step 3:

Now just Double-click on the icon and select the bullet, “perform quick scan.” This scan will start exposing the viruses that are affecting your computers registry. Once the scan is complete you can easily remove the harmful viruses.

Step 4:

You just need to restart your computer and the “Antivirus System Pro” Virus will be gone. If in case your computers is still running slow then double-click the MWBAM icon again and this time select the bullet to perform a full scan. A full scan can take up more than an hour or so but the virus will be removed for sure.

These simple steps mentioned above will make it easier and available at the back of your hand and let you get rid of anti-virus system pro virus in few minutes.