Facebook Timeline feature has finally arrived. In a few days, the Timeline feature will change the entire layout of your Facebook profile.

In September this year, Facebook gave a preview of its Timeline feature but the same did not go live. Mark Zuckerberg himself unveiled the feature at the company’s F8 developer’s conference in San Fransisco, US. The feature has been launched now. Even though this feature is still in trial mode, it will be made available for all the users on 22nd December of this year by Facebook. In case you are not aware of Facebook Timeline, get familiar with it quickly.

Basically, the Facebook Timeline is going to change the current view of your profile page with a new one with important updates instead of recent ones. Currently, you need to scroll down the page to see the previous wall-posts while they keep on loading themselves there one after the other. But this will not be the exact case with the new Timeline feature. This feature will give your profile a new and appealing look with all your photos, videos, wall-posts, notes, shared links, etc., arranged in a proper manner.

To get started with Facebook Timeline feature, follow the steps given below:

• Log on to your Facebook account and search for Timeline feature. When the page opens, click on the ‘Get Timeline’ button. Do wait for a moment and allow the page to load.

• When it’s done, all the latest posts will get arranged in a sequential order showing the most recent posts on the top followed by the older ones.

How is Facebook Timeline different from the existing layout?

• For an easy interface, a sidebar has been placed corresponding to your wall-posts. The sidebar can be used to view the posts with options of viewing year-wise or month-wise.

• A drop-down option is also given, from where you can select a particular time.

• If you want to see all the posts, you can do so from the drop-down option to select all the posts.

• You can easily keep a track on all your posts right from the beginning. If you want to edit or remove the posts, you can easily do so.

• Timeline also organizes the list of friends added by you, number of photos being posted and information related to comments in a sequential order. Also, you can personalize Timeline and add events with stories posted.

• The activity log feature permits you to sort out all the stories shared by you, comments written on friend’s wall, photos and videos and various other posts shared by you and your friends.

It’s the right time to customize your settings related to Facebook Timeline. Not to forget, the Timeline can not only be used with PCs, but also with your smartphones.

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