Computers have different uses depending on the users navigating the device. Some may focus on the office tools while some may enjoy it through the different games installed in your computer. Some may prefer surfing the net and chatting online through instant messaging tools and social media network sites. Moreover, some may enjoy computer through music and movies that could be listened to and watched through the PC. Indeed it is really a matter of choice from the users. But what the users should be aware of are the features that help in meeting their goal. An example of this is the multimedia aspect of the computer. For you to be able to make full use of the music and movie applications, bear in mind that there are things that you should have. Yes, this does not mainly entail the computer itself. An example of this is theWindows Media Center of the new Windows 7.

The Windows Media Center is capable of entertaining you through recording live TV movies and shows. You can watch the recorded version whenever you like and play and pause it whenever you want. Another feature of the Windows Media Center is its capability to play music through CDs and DVDs and even through the music library that you have in your PC. Lastly, the photo and video manager! This would allow you to watch videos or slideshows of the photos that you have in your computer.

In using the Windows Media Center, it is important to connect your PC to another device which is the television that is if you want to fully utilize the functions of the application. It would be much better for you to attach your computer to a high definition television set so that the qualities of the videos that will be watched and recorded are as good as the television. Moreover, it is also important to set up the Windows Media Center extender. A remote control is also available to be used for the application.

Setting up the Windows Media Center is easy. After setting up the extender and connecting everything to the right places, the next thing to be done is to make use of the media center remote and press the green button. If you are already on the page setup page, choose continue followed by custom. The next thing to do is to go to the page entitled Get the Most fromWindows Media Center. Then select yes. This will provide you with all the information that you need to have to learn more about the media canter.

You can also use the computer itself and run the media center through the help of your mouse. Click the stat button then go to All Programs. After that, scan the programs and look for the Windows Media Center. You could use the express setup or you could also manually do so by finding Tasks from the WMC page. Then select Settings, General, WindowsMedia Center Setup and Run Setup Again accordingly.