It is indeed an amazing experience to watch your videos on the Windows Media Player. One of the biggest reasons for the immense popularity of the Media Player is that it comes along with your copy of the Windows software. You need not install any extra utility on your desktop or laptop to enjoy amazing video playback. There are a lot of third party players available out there but challengingly no one can provide you the quality which the Media Player can give you. It is simple to use and there is high performance guaranteed as with time the newer versions of Windows, Media Player features have also been updated immensely.

To Start Windows Media Player

  1. Select the ‘Start’ button and then navigate to All Programs> Windows Media Player. In case you have selected the media player as your default audio video player or you do not have any other player on your system, then even by clicking on the File you can open the Windows Media Player directly.
  2. It also provides you two views or modes in which you can take pleasure in watching your videos. When you access the ‘Now Playing’ mode then the playback starts and you can use the controls to forward, rewind and pause the playback.
  3. In the ‘Library’ mode you can view the listing of the contents and also access variety of Media Player Controls.

There are special dedicated buttons on the ‘Now Playing’ interface from where you can have a view of the DVD or the media files that are being presently played. With this you can play either all the files or only a selected single file. With the help of the Next and Forward buttons you can either move to the next song in the playlist or fast forward the song. There are a variety of things which you can do with the Windows Media Player.

The Library mode gives you a variety of ways in which you can organize your music. You can set genres, artists and many other types. Playing music and videos becomes fun with the amazing player from windows.

Benefits of Windows Media Player

  • Today Windows Media player has emerged as an amazingly intuitive software platform where you can playback your media and video files in an efficient manner. It has some exciting features that help you to organize your data and also prepare a collection of it in a desired manner.
  • You have the ease to create your own playlist and burn it into a Compatible Disk or any other digital media. With the help of the new age devices like USB flash drive storing data becomes even easier and you can also playback files stored at the external devices in the new Windows Media Player without any complications.
  • The incredible media player also helps you synchronize the digital files with the portable players. With the built-in internet interface you can even buy your favorite music online with great ease. The online stores can be reached with immense simplicity.