WinMX is a P2P or peer to peer file sharing application. It is quite similar to the popular Napster of the late 90s or Limewire. Various copyright laws however made the network WinMX was used to connect to shut down and since then it had been hard to find a copy of the application. Since then the website has stopped allowing people to download the installation file, but some discreet mirrors and servers still offer free downloads of the installation file along with a patch to enable it to work. The WinMX application is great for downloading books, music, software and videos shared by others. If you do find a copy of the installation file, here are the steps you can follow to get it to work on Windows Vista.

Step One

First you will need to download the installer. Do a search on Google or any other search engine using the search term “WinMX” and you should be able to get various websites that offer free downloads of the old version. This old version was the last to be released before it was shut down in 2005. The old version would require a patch to work after installation. Samples of websites where you can download the installer include and

Step Two

After locating and downloading the application you will need to install it. After the download is complete, double click on the file to begin the download. WinMX is compatible with Windows Vista and so you should have no problem with its installation. Just follow the dialog box prompts and instructions.

Step Three

Once the application is installed you will need to get the most recent patch to enable the installation to work. Conduct another search on Google using the search term “WinMX patch”. You could also just go to to download the latest patch. Once located, you will need to also download it.

Step Four

Once again you need to install the patch after the download is complete. Just double click on the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Be sure to install the patch only after you have first downloaded and installed the WinMX application. The patch will not be installed without the WinMX application. As you install the patch it will detect and patch with the application automatically.

Step Five

Once installed, initiate the program by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop or via the Start menu. Once you click to initiate the program, a new window will open, which allows you to search for files of interest to download. You simply search through available files and when you get a file you want, you click on it to download it. You will find out that the network community is still vibrant and alive even though the application has been banned.

While it is true that WinMX is popularly used by many people to break copyright laws and pirate other people’s work, it can still be used to legally download free content not protected by copyright that have been shared by others. It is thus a useful and handy application to have around.