Creative Zen Touch MP3 player is now considered as legacy by both Creative and Windows Vista. It is quite possible that your device doesn’t get recognised when you connect it to your Windows Vista computer or it might not get installed on it. It can also happen that you successfully install the Creative Jukebox software from the CD but it doesn’t detect the MP3 player at all. The reason for this problem is the non availability of the drivers for Creative Zen Touch in Windows Vista. These drivers have been discontinued in Windows Vista and you need to download and install the drivers manually to get your MP3 player work on Windows Vista. Given below are some easy steps to make your Zen Touch MP3 player work on Windows Vista.

Very Important: Before you start with any steps please take a backup of all the songs on your player on a computer running Windows XP. The steps given below update the firmware of the player and erase all the data it has. Taking backup on a Windows XP computer is important because once the firmware gets updated it wont be able to restore the back and in this situation you can upload the songs individually on to your MP3 player.

Instructions for setting it up: first check what version of Creative media source is installed on your computer. This can be done by opening the Creative Media Source and then checking its version in the about menu. If the version installed on your computer is earlier than 5.10.38 then you need to install the latest version from Creative Media Source’s website. Website is www.creative .com and downloadable file can be found under the Support section of the website. You also need to download CreativePlaysforsure plugin version 5.00.36 and Creative MediaSource player version 5.10.38. Once you have downloaded all the required software from Creative’s web site you need to install all of them. It is recommended that first you remove all the creative softwares from your computer and then install the new software. It is wise to do because chances are that any core file from previous version might create troubles for the new updated software to function. After successful installation turn on the MP3 player and connect it to your computer. It will get detected and the drivers will install. Once the device is installed open the PlayForSure plugin software. On connecting the player after installing the updated software the Firmware of your Player gets updated automatically and this results in erasing of all data on your player. This is why it was asked to take the backup of your songs on another computer before doing this upgrade. Once your player is all set you can restore the backup on it and it shall work fine now. In case the player is not able to restore the backup then you need to transfer every songs manually in to the player. This could be a tedious job but it is good to have the player running on a Windows Vista computer than to keep it as Windows Vista non compatible device.