Router has some exceptional contribution in bringing successful home networks and solutions to network related issues. Router has made two devices in a network talk to each other most conveniently maintaining a high security. Routers are accompanied by manual and software guides for installation, in addition there is extensive round the clock support available to the users. With the continuous growth and development in the field of networks and internet, there has been quite a few players in the market who facilitate with multiple opportunities of creating home networks and set ups.Cisco, Dlink, Linksys, avaya are the few names which are familiar in the world of router manufacturing. The routers come with their respective features of connecting wired or wirelessing.Thus the wireless set up requires signal to coordinate with the network resources and components. Many a times the user found the router signal strength to be extremely poor. The following steps help in strengthening the signal strength:

  • Check for any kind of interference that intrudes the signal strength

In many an instances it has been found that microwaves and cordless telephones do interfere into the wireless network. So start isolating the reason by disconnecting the devices and keeping them far from the router. A wireless network analyzer can also turn out to be a great source of information to analyze the interference.

  • Check on the signal channel

As routers have multiple signal channels from one to eleven, change the signal channel. Also use the piece of software that analyzes which all channels are not being used so that they could be turned off.

  • Increase the height of the router.

As router needs to be placed at the highest point to cover all the resources in the network. Increase the height to find out whether it is the height which is interfering. Also check by getting resources close and noting the difference when the devices are close by.

  • Try to increase the transmit power of the router

Every router has a transmit power and it could be increased or decreased. Every router has a different procedure to follow to increase the transmit and therefore respective manuals must be followed.

  • Try out a new antenna

Many routers support different antennas, for those routers you could try out a new antenna and check out the difference.

  • Get a repeater

As the name signifies, repeater is one which enhances and repeats the signal to increase on its trength.When signals transfer to various paths the resistance leads to weakness of signals. A repeater could help in gaining the speed back.

  • Fit in a wireless amplifier

A booster and repeater have got similar features and thus the booster or amplifier helps in getting strong wireless signal which would help in getting an excellent wireless signal.

  • Build in a tinfoil with reflector

To make a tin foil, one must have to get a tin piece. Make it a circle, add in a cardboard piece inside large enough to wrap the router around and put the tinfoil over the router antenna. Make sure that the antenna is at the center of the parabola.

There are houses which have metal studs in such houses the efficiency of the router decreases so always check on the factors while checking the signal strength.