Nowadays everywhere is computer even in our mobile phones and when you have to do work on computer the basic thing you need is Microsoft Office, In Microsoft Office and MS Excel is the main program which is important for all of us.

Microsoft Excel is a very important program for our work in our jobs and business. There are different kinds of programs in MS Excel and you can use them for different kinds of work. You can also restore Microsoft Excel to its default spreadsheet.

You can use default spreadsheet to build an ideal bridge between arithmetic and algebra and allow students free movement between the two different worlds.

Default spreadsheet have been created and used mainly as tools for mathematical and statistical calculations, like numerical or textual data can be inserted into their columns and rows. Spreadsheets of MS Excel have become an important part of many different curriculums at different levels of education. It has been used in education, especially in mathematics education, as a tool in helping students to understand mathematical concepts like plotting and exploring functions and patterns, to exploring probability and statistics.

Many computer and Microsoft Excel 2003 users are not aware of the Group and Outline Data feature, if you are using lengthy spreadsheets that are dramatized with tiers of data, but wish to consolidate that data or recognize it. By this feature you can do grouping and outlining the desire data and you can even able to hide clutters of numbers without removing them from your spreadsheet. In this feature you are able to unmask the data and view it again at the simple.

Below I am mentioning few steps by that you can easily get to know that how to Group and Outline Data in Microsoft Excel:

Step 1:

To begin the task first of all select the data that you want to group and outline and the fastest way to select data for this operation is by clicking and holding the mouse like you drag the cursor over the desired data and highlight it, now release the mouse button when you are finished and then the data will remain highlighted.

Step 2:

You can now Access the Group and Outline menu then you can Scroll the Data tab on the command bar and then select Group and outline Data. Group and Outline the data then from the submenu that opens then scroll to and select Group Data. It will group the data and outline then the rows and columns of data that you have just grouped, and then outline will appear as a bar above the column letters and row numbers that has a plus sign and a minus sign on the ends. After that now you can hide the data group and then click on either the plus sign reveals data and the minus sign hides data to hide or show the groups of data.