It would have happened with you many time that you would have forgotten your Windows XP password, and then the crisis drive you crazy as you can’t stand a minute without being able to access your important data. Well, now you can have the assurance of being able to access an account and reset the password without previously knowing the password. This works for any account with a Windows XP operated computer that’s not booted off a network. There are very few simple steps that one needs to follow in order to have an access to the system for which you don’t remember the password. The user has to just follow some simple steps in order to do this.

  • One needs to have a CD or DVD as hardware. Along with this the user also needs to have Professional version of software called disc ISO. After downloading the file, burn the ISO onto a blank disc using an ISO writer or CD burner. This creates the EBCD bootable disc. This also has many other tools and utilities. You may do this on the target machine or on another machine.
  • Subsequently you have the disk, enter the bios of the target machine and make sure that the first boots drive is the CD or DVD ROM. Change it and boot from the disk. It should automatically load the main screen, but if it asks you to press any key to boot from the CD, do so.
  • After the system has booted, choose option number 5, the password recovery. This will guide you through a set of steps and instructions, and if you don’t know otherwise, just press enter and it will use the default options, which will work just fine.
  • When you get to the list of users, choose the user whose password needs to be reset. Follow the instructions that the program gives you, such as type in the user name, and put the password in as the * key to just blank the password. This is much more successful than changing the password through this program. Once this is done, make sure that you write the changes to the SAM files.
  • Reboot the computer and take the CD out before the computer boots from it again and Log in as that user. You can now create a password for that user.

If you know the password to an account, you can change another local password through the Command Prompt. This can be done by going to Start > Run and type in cmd which opens the command prompt. When the screen appears, type net user username and press enter, replacing username with the actual username of the account you wish to reset the password for. Enter a new password. You will then be required to confirm this password. Do so. Then type “exit” and press enter.

The user must take some precautions because doing this on another computer without permission is illegal and might land you in serious trouble. So, use it cautiously only on your own system to recover your lost password. Be wise and avoid and deny all malpractices as we all know that such utilities can cause huge damage to someone.