In cases where the registry entries and mass storage controller drivers are not properly installed into the Windows XP system, you may receive the Stop error message while starting your Microsoft Windows XP backup computer. However, using the same hardware in your backup computer this issue can be easily resolved.


When you shift your Microsoft Windows XP boot disk into your backup computer, you may possibly receive a Stop error mentioned below while trying to start your Windows XP based backup computer.

STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF741B84C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)


The error usually occurs when the mass storage controller hardware drivers and the registry entries located in your backup computer are not at all installed in the Windows XP system. There are different types of chip sets available for the Integrated Device Electronics (IDE) controllers. Some of these include, VIA, Promise and Intel. Each of these chip sets has a unique Plug-n-Play identifier. This PnP-ID information about the mass storage controllers should be installed into the registry before the startup. This is necessary so that the correct drivers are initialized by the Windows XP.

Resolving the issue

For resolving the error, you should make use of the same hardware as for your backup computer.

  • Simply replace the problematic hardware components from your backup computer with the better non affected components from the same manufacture, model as compared to the motherboard computer which you are basically backing up.
  • In case the system disk is another SCSI disk, then make use of the same manufacture and also model for the SCRI controller into your new computer.
  • Similarly, if it is an IDE disk then make use of the same type of motherboard into your new computer which uses the same set of IDE chips. Also, try using the same PnP-ID in the computer as the motherboard of the computer which you are taking a back up for.

In the case of the SCSI system disks, you should initially prime the registry and only then make sure that the drivers you are in need for are in their place with the installation of the SCSI controller which was used by your backup computer even before you transfer the disk contents. This Windows XP PnP helps you by detecting the controller, setting up the critical registry entries and finally copying the suitable driver. Once the SCSI controller is seen within the Device Manager, you should get rid of the alternate controller. Well, if you want to shift the entire system disk onto another computer which includes the same models and manufacture of the SCSI controller, then the Windows XP system will start successfully as this system already had used the controller once and hence now has the correct configuration details.

However, this method is not quite supported by Microsoft and so you can import or even simply merge and also copy the essential registry entries beforehand. This will help you to support all the IDE controllers which are mainly supported by the Windows XP system. This will provide the needed support to the IDE controllers that have the Pnp-ID matching to the PnP-ID mentioned in the given list. Search %SystemRoot%\Setupapi.log file for the already detected PnP-ID while the Setup program is currently running, if you wish to beforehand determine the IDE controllers which are used in the backup and the current computers.

In order to import the information, follow the mentioned steps on two separate test computers which have the Stop 0x0000007B error. After performing the procedure, you can move the hard disks and then start your computers after resolving these issues.

  1. Now extract the Atapi.sys, Pciide.sys, Pciidex.sys and the Intelide.sys files out from %SystemRoot%\Driver Cache\I386\ file. OR Copy these files into %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers folder.
  2. Within the Microsoft Windows Explorer, find Mergeide.reg file inside the floppy drive and right click onto it. Now click on Merge.

The following message will be displayed by the Windows XP:

Are you sure you want to add the information in A:\Mergeide.reg to the registry?

Here, click YES.

Now, once the import process is properly competed, the Windows XP will display yet another message:

Information from A:\Mergeide.reg was successfully entered into the registry.

  1. Now simply quit the Windows XP and then turn off your computer. Move this system disk to another testing computer which previously displayed the Stop 0x0000007B error.