Wireless printers come with either a network adapter or a wireless adapter. To hook up a wireless network printer you should have intermediate computer skills. If you have those skills, it will be an easy task for you otherwise you may seek assistance from someone having more knowledge of computer than you. To connect the printer to your already established wireless network, follow the instructions given bellow.

Step 1: First take out the printer from the box and see if none of its parts on damaged. That is to say the printer is in perfect condition. After that you need to remove any special tabs that the printer may have. Follow the instructions that came with your printer carefully. If you switch on the power when there are packing tabs in place, the printer can be damaged.

Step 2: Once you have made sure that the special tabs are removed by following the instructions, plug it in and switch on the power. Now you can use the interactive set up screen on the printer to indicate the appropriate wireless settings. You can use the security settings on the printer same as you have set on your wireless router. It will be good if you use WEP settings on your router as well as on your printer because it provides enhanced security to your wireless network and you will be prevented from broadcasting any of your documents or online activity to the neighborhood.

Step 3: Now that you have entered your settings on the printer, your next step will be to head to your computer and install the drivers with the CD-ROM that are provided with the printer. If you don’t get the CD-ROM contact the manufacturer site for the latest driver so that you can complete the installation process.

Step 4: After you have installed the drivers on your computer, your computer will be able to catch signals coming from the printer. If your computer is still not recognizing the printer, check again if the settings on the printer itself are correct and also check if there are any mistakes in driver settings on your computer. For this you need to go to the control panel. To access the control panel, click on the Start button in the task bar of the desktop and select control panel from the menu. Select Printer under hardware and Sound section.

Step 5: Here¬†you can look for the reasons as to what is preventing your computer from recognizing your printer. If you are not able to locate the cause, completely uninstall the old drivers from your computer and install the new ones. Again check if you have made correct printer settings. To be on the safe side, download the latest driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Step 6: To connect your printer to your wireless network, you have to be sure that both your computer and printer have the wireless adapter so that you can connect them to your wireless router in order to make a wireless connection.