Microsoft the pioneer in the world of computer has always helped its users’ in every possible way. It is one of the most popular firms when it comes to applications developing Company. Microsoft has released various products Windows like XP, Vista or 7 for GUI (Graphical User Interface). The most inevitable blessing of Microsoft is the pious Microsoft Office package, which has lots of features encompassed in it.

Now, when you knock on the door of MS office you find a bundle of applications. The most popular of all applications under the MS Office section are the MS Excel and MS Word. The MS Excel is an adroit application of MS Office which helps you perform a dozen of operations in one go.

You can use MS Excel to format your data, create tables, format tables, apply mathematical functions on the numerical data, and concatenate two cells and most importantly Import Projects that are coming from a different background such that they are not the MS Excel files.

How can you Import Project using MS Excel?


Microsoft Excel

Step one

Click on the “Start” menu to open the application of MS Excel 2007 under the MS Office 2007 main folder. On the prompted window of MS Excel click on the “File” tab in which you find the “Open” button click on the same to start the process of importing project.

Step two

A drop down menu will prompt when you click on the “Open” tab and select the option of “Text Files” from the same. Then you will be required to locate the project file on your hard disk and import the same in the “Address Bar” if using Windows 7 or Vista, but when using Windows XP, click on the “Look In” tab which views the list.

Step three

Suppose the chosen file is the note pad file which has the extension and (*.txt) that is commonly referred to as text file, you can accomplish the import process this way. Click on the “Text Import Wizard” for importing the (*.txt) file. Keep in mind if you are longing to gain an access to (*.csv) file which is comma-separated values file, the you need not click on the “Text Import Wizard”, simply by a mere mouse click the will be automatically executed and displayed on the Spreadsheet of the MS Excel window.

Step four

If using the text file which has the extension as (*.txt), then simply click on the “Finish” tab which you can find on the window of “Text Import Wizard” and the latter will get imported on the MS Excel spreadsheet. But, when you are dealing with (*.csv) file then by mere mouse click the file will get imported on the spreadsheet of the MS Excel.

Step six

Click on the logo of MS office and in the drop-down menu chose the “Save” tab by clicking on the same. The imported project will be saved on the hard disk of your computer for future usage.