If you are a blog writer and you want the blog to be displayed on Facebook then you can import the RSS feed of the blog to the Facebook page. If you add RSS feeds to the Facebook page then you do not need to post repeatedly on several websites and you can add notes to your profile. Follow the steps given below and you can easily add RSS feed to you Facebook page.


The first step is to open the browser and log in to Facebook with your e-mail and password. After log in navigate to applications. In application menu go to notes and if you have already entered notes then you can edit or view those notes.


Secondly, select the import blog or edit import settings in the notes setting. If you are already doing blog importing then the URL will be appear there. Facebook will allow you to import one at a time. If you do not want the uploading or change the RSS feed then you can stop the process.


Now the next step is to enter the RSS feed in the box appeared, now you will have to check the box next to the box that you actually own the content. Facebook will not allow to load the RSS feed from the website that are not your own and they do not have permission to reproduce the content.


Now you can click the button “start importing”, Facebook will start uploading the RSS feed and the content. If everything is looking nice and you are sure to go ahead then click continue button. When you complete the step, the RSS feed is uploaded to the notes section. You can also set privacy for the notes that means you can allow certain people to view the notes from you in Facebook.

Facebook also offers help for RSS feeds if you are facing any problem while uploading. We also recommend you to make sure that the RSS feed is your own and then upload it to Facebook. Otherwise you can void the Facebook user agreement. Keep some more points in mind like try to avoid personal information in the notes and you will be unable to edit notes if it have been imported through RSS feed.

We also recommend to not importing notes from friend’s profile and Facebook will not allow performing this step. As RSS feeds are created from a blog or other website, some times you are not able to build it with the existing software. In that case you can try third party solution to build RSS feeds. Using this application from Fcaebook you can share and let your friend view your notes and you do not need to repeated uploading to other websites. We hope this article will help you to import RSS feeds to your Facebook page. This is a very effective trick to increase traffic to the blog site and also helps in networking.