Windows Vista is latest and very versatile operating system released by the Microsoft. One of the marvelous smart features of Windows Vista is its integration with Outlook Express in regards to the mails.

In Outlook Express you will not have to reach the accounts, since the mails will be readily available if your computer runs on Windows XP. For easy reorganization the Outlook Express is now replaced by Windows Mail. In other words Outlook Express comes configured with your login ID.

What happens in case a computer is not running on XP?

It is quite possible that you are not working on Windows XP. In such situations you can transfer the messages from Outlook Express to any computer on Windows Vista through Windows Easy Transfer.

These are the days of fast redundancy; hence one fine morning you may suddenly feel the need to transfer the messages from your old desk top to the new laptop. What should you do in this case? You can transfer of message manually, but why not use a faster route. Let us individually see how we can transfer messages from Outlook Express in different situations.

Transferring the messages to the PCs running on Windows XP

Fortunately, most of your private messages on Outlook Express are marked hidden.

  • Access the hidden folders and files from Appearance and Themes. Surely, you know the Control Panel leads the users to Themes and Appearance option. At the hidden folder activate the Show option.
  • Access Outlook Express and copy the whole folder in My Document.
  • Transfer the document to the computer running on Windows Vista, if both the computers are on the same network. In case it is not so, you will require to copy the Outlook Express folder on any peripheral device and paste it on the computer running on Vista.

Handling the messages on the PCs running on Windows Vista

It is equally easy to manage Outlook Express messages on the computers working on Vista.  Follow these simple steps:

  • Start icon directly shows the All Program option.  Click Windows Mail reaching from all Programs.
  • Go to Files menu; look for Import in the options. At Import, click at Messages in the pop down options.
  • Messages lead you to Outlook Express 6 where you need to click Next.
  • Select the Import Mail from OE6 Store Directory and click OK.
  • Activate Browse and reach The Outlook Express folder pasted in this computer.
  • Select the folder and click Next.
  • Now you can select any folder you want to import and click Next.
  • You will get the specific folder or files to open as you want.

The users of Outlook Express should be aware of the specific feature of OE files. These are saved with extension dbx, separately denoting folder or inbox or outbox category. Windows Mail dose not properly support importing messages directly from the erstwhile Outlook Express. Also The OE files cannot be imported individually and must be imported as a whole folder.  As such it is easy to copy the folders and paste.