Making your newly designed website appear onto the first page of the search engine results is the most difficult way to enhance traffic to your website. Once you have launched your website and it gets indexed, it appears somewhere on the search engine pages when the topic niche is searched by a user. This seems easy, but bringing your website onto the first page of the search engine results is equally difficult. Nearly every major search engines uses certain algorithms which helps determine the specific rank of the websites in a search engine result page. Any and every website which satisfies the given criteria in these algorithms gets listed on the top of the result page. As a result, it gets extremely essential to design your entire website based on these search engine ranking strategies which are also termed as the Search engine optimization strategies. Here are a few major factors that are usually considered by the search engines while ranking the various websites.

Research your Keywords

Selecting the right keywords for your website is extremely essential. You need to decide the search queries for which you need to show up yourself on the web. Properly study the most common topics that people usually prefer to search on the web. You can use tools made available from Overture and Google to search the right keywords.

Consider points beyond the keywords

Once the keywords are selected, people focus only on them. However, it gets important that you also focus on the other most relevant niches. For instance, if you are a realtor and have selected your keyword based on real estates, then it is an additional advantage to optimize your website for florists, movie theatres, dentists, etc. This will help you draw a larger audience from all walks of life and interests.

Benefit of the end user

While designing a website, most of us start thinking of all possible ways to please the Google spiders. However, while doing this, we tend to forget about the benefits of the end users or the consumers, who are the Market King. Hence, you should include features and services those appeal to the common users. For instance, you should focus on the content, information, its quality, use of keywords, etc.

Customize all Titles and Descriptions

Tags are beneficial for your website, especially the Meta Description tags, Title tags, etc.

  • Title Tags: These are the most important SEO tags for all websites. Approx. 60 characters are supported by the Google for any title, where as Yahoo supports 110 characters. Hence, every page in your website should include a unique page Title.
  • Meta Description Tags: Previously were extremely essential but are no longer considered to be important. Some search engines still display a description while others don’t.

Create sitemap for your website

Search engines love sitemaps and so, it’s essential that you place a site map for your website.

Keep the navigation, website structure and also URL structure simple

Search engines usually cannot parse your navigation system if they contain flash animations or javascript. Hence it is extremely essential to stay close to the basic HTML designs.