Individuals to check details like disk usage or to check errors on disk surface are extensively using chkdsk.exe command. However, it has been seen that when this command is used on systems based on Windows 7, one or the other problem occurs. One of the most common occurring problems is the declination in the performance of Windows 7 when during a low-level sector scan using chkdsk.exe on an NTFS disk. If you are also coming across through this situation frequently then it is time to know about in detail so that you can deal with it efficiently. Before we jump to the solutions of this problem, you just have a look in which situations it happens.

Conditions giving rise to this problem

Two situations due to which a user has to suffer through the problem of low performance and you can have a look at them below:

  • When a user gives a command of chkdsk/r from the command line to run this program and simultaneously NTFS disk check is taking place.
  • When NTFS disk check is taking place and the user selects recovery of bad sectors from the Check Disk screen displayed on your system.

Why chkdsk slows down the system

When a user tries to run low sector run using chkdsk command, the process tries to access all the data available in different volumes to complete it. However, by doing so, the volume is locked for other processes and the system memory is occupied by the large amount of volume data. As a result, all other applications running on the system have to compete with this single process and thus the system slows down. If you have high capacity disks then chkdsk.exe command while take more time to check and update their usage and consequently the performance of system will get affected.

Dealing with the problem

If you want to get rid of slow performance of Windows 7 during chkdsk.exe on an NTFS disk, you must take care of few things. By following these methods, you can surely deal with problem in an efficient way. Firstly, you should prefer using the command chkdsk/f in place of chkdsk/r and that too from the command line. In addition to this, whenever you want to perform this command make sure you do it when the system load is less. When you are not doing any other work perform this task as it will not affect other tasks on the system and you will be least affected by the slow performance. Apart from these steps, you should avoid using the option of recovery of bad sectors from the Check Disk Screen on your system.

It is true that there is no sure shot way to deal with this problem of Windows 7 but by using these steps, you can stay away from it largely.

When you use chkdsk.exe command on Windows 7 then surely the performance of the system will slow down. However, you can deal with this problem to some extent by taking care of few things. The steps are easy to perform and you will get rid of this problem in seconds.