Adding a tag cloud for website is very easy task to do.  If you add tag cloud to your blog or website, it will enhance the keyword tags and the search engine will index your blog. A tag cloud is a visual depiction of user-generated tags; it is used typically to describe the content of web sites. Tag clouds can be a very useful and essential element that will enables search engines to add specific keywords with your site and to help your site rank for those keywords.

To include tag cloud for your website, you just have to follow our instruction. These are very simple and easy to follow:


The first steps you have to do is to log in to your Blogger account and go to the “Dashboard”. If you are associated with multiple blogs, go to the specific blog that you wish to add a tag cloud to and click on the “layout” link.


When you click on Layout you will be directed to the layout screen, and generally it will open to the “Page Elements” options by default. If it will not do so, be sure you are on the “Page Elements” tab. now you will see an overview of your blogs layout. Now what you have to do is to click on the “Add a Gadget” button.


Now just scroll down the list of Gadgets until you find the “Labels” gadget and click on it. Now the pop-up window will change and you will be prompted to configure the labels for your blog.
You are able to choose to call the label “Tag Cloud”, or leave it at the default setting: “Labels”.
After doing so, The Labels gadget automatically generates the tags associated with your blog, and you can also show all the tags which are associated with your blog, or you can choose to show specific tags. If you want to see which tags have been automatically generated to determine those you wish to use, where you see the “SHOW” buttons, click on “Selected Labels”, then click the “edit” link and it will display the list of labels. When you finish configuring the labels, clicks save and the labels gadget will be added to your blog.


Now it depends on the options you chose, the tag cloud will be generated and placed on your blog based upon the keywords contained in you blog.

While doing so keep some things in mind because some browsers like Safari lists feed URLs beginning with feed: //, rather than http://. If you have an RSS feed URL starting with feed: //, just change it to http:// before clicking ‘Get Tag Cloud Code’. Now you want to make the cloud bigger, put <font size=’5′> before the cloud code, and </font>after it.

After performing all these steps, you can enhance the ranking of your blog or website. As we told you it will automatically add specific keywords to the website and the search engines will loves to show your website in one to ten.