Any desktop computer can boot without a Monitor, Mouse, Joystick, or any other input output device, but will not boot if the keyboard is missing or is faulty. The Keyboard is one of the most essential part of any computer system that it actually irreplaceable by any other device. We work mostly from the keyboard and almost all the instructions are directly indirectly passed on to the computer via the keyboard. This is the device with which we interact the most and what if this device makes us feel uncomfortable. This kind of situation will really ruin the entire computing experience and you might not be able to give your 100% while doing your task on the computer. If you are on a desktop computer then you can easily change the keyboard, but what if you are on a laptop? Here we will discuss some points which should always be kept in mind while working with the keyboards to better your computing experience.

The keyboards being manufactured these days have numerous other keys which can invoke various actions. Multimedia keyboards were launched around 6-7 years ago and became a great success. They had keys which could control the Audio, Video and after some years came in the internet ready keyboards. These keyboards can help you perform some functions which are helpful while working on the internet. Always make sure that you just not use the numbers and alphabet keys on the keyboard but also use the special keys to assist you further while working.

You in habit of using the Backspace key to erase what got missed typed? Use the Keyboard settings Window in Control Panel to fine tune your keyboard. We can alter the sensitivity of the keys and the repeat delay. It often happens that we press somewhere in between the two keys and if we reduce the sensitivity of the key we can reduce the insertion of incorrect alphabet in out document. Same goes for the repeat delay.

Why to take off your hand and use another device when you can do everything from the keyboard itself. Trust me you can complete a task much faster if you know the keyboard shortcuts than doing the same using a mouse. Why to right click on an object using the mouse when you can do the same from the keyboard. Try memorising the keyboard shortcuts and it will benefit you in long run.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts involve pressing of more than one key at the same time. If you feel that pressing more than one keys simultaneously is difficult than try using the sticky keys feature in Windows. With this feature ON you can press and leave the SHIFT key and next when you will press the C key it will perform the Copy action. This was just an example to understand the Sticky Key feature in Windows. The same style will work with all the other keyboard shortcuts and will definitely help you a lot.

Lastly if nothing is helping and your keyboard is not suiting your comfort style then go, research on the internet and purchase a suitable keyboard for yourself. There are many makes and models available for various ergonomic needs. There come keyboards which can be detached in pieces-one piece for your left hand and another for your right. There are many options available in the market all you need is a need and urge to make yourself comfortable with the keyboard.