There are ways within the Windows Vista to increase the bandwidth and Internet speed. Vista is very friendly and can adjust with any sort of complications. One need not worry with vista. Just tell me as to why do you need a faster internet speed and bandwidth speed? Why the users of vista actually need to increase the speed? The main reasons behind the asked questions are that vista usually keeps 20% of the given speed with itself even though it is not participating in the update process. However, it informs the users about the available updates but do not participate in the actual process. So is not it better to take back the bandwidth and make the speed faster. This is the actual reason as to why one should increase the speed so that all downloads and uploads become faster.

Some steps have been described here for your proper understanding and one should follow the steps in order to enjoy the facility to the fullest.

Firstly, one has to click the Start button, which is on the button left. After this thing is done then click on the Run button. After the Run windows come up then one should type the GPEDT.MSC. Typing this keyword opens up the Local Group Policy Editor. This will now open in front of you and you will be able to manage many things in return. Under the Local Computer Policy, one should now click on the “Administrative Templates” and then one should directly double click on the “Network “button on the right hand side. After the third step has been accomplished properly, then you will see “Qos Packet Scheduler”, double click on the particular scheduler and then you will see a list, which rolls down in front of you. Immediately double click on “Limit Reservable bandwidth” As you double click on the thing the message which pos out says that “not configured” well this is not the truth. Vista has already taken away 20% of the actual speed for updates and patches. Immediately click on the “enabled” button to start with the editing part of the default settings. In the box where percentage is given, just put in ‘0’ and then hit apply. Just try rebooting your PC and start downloading something to test your bandwidth. Well you will see that there is an increase in the speed.

Wow is this not a great thing. You will now enjoy the speed and all your work will be done in few minutes. Now one can download anything and can keep all the software update from time to time without many worries. Technology is changing so are the ways of adapting towards these technologies are also ending.