Creating a website is not the only important part of the website, but the number of visitors who actually come to the site is one of the most important factors. The reason is that only when the website has many visitors and has many hits will the site be able to prosper. There are many webmasters who concentrate a lot on the creation of the site, but do not spend time to think on the methods of increasing the visitors to the site.

There are a few methods that can be used by you to increase the number of website hits.

Video posting

One of the least known but best method of increasing the number of hits is to make a video about your site and then post the video in various forums. There are various methods of creating a video. In fact if you are not really interested in standing in front of a camera to talk about your site, then you can start making a power point presentation. Each time when people look at these videos that are posted in various other sites, you will have some visitors reaching your site and your site will have a lot of hits.

Video Posting on YouTube

The video that you post can be on YouTube or other sites. The advantage of posting videos on YouTube is that there are thousands of people who look at the videos in this site and the huge volume of people visiting this site and viewing videos can cause an increase in the hits to your site.

Commenting on videos

Other than posting videos on various sites, you can also increase the number of hits in your site by viewing the videos of other people and then commenting on these videos. The advantage of this method is that when you comment positively on the videos of other people, they will be interested in you and also in your site. This will make them to have a look at the video that you have posted and they might also visit your site, thus increasing the visitors to your site.

Optimizing your website

Other than posting videos, there are many other methods of increasing the website hits. The primary method is to make your site to become search engine optimized. There are many methods of making this happen and the most important methods are to select the right domain name at the time of creating your site. Keyword research is also important and article posting that has keywords relating to your site will also help to increase the traffic that reaches your site.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting that has a link that leads back to your site is another method of increasing the number of hits on your site. You can also post on forums with links back to your site. Link building that leads back to your site will help you to increase the traffic to your site.
These are the most common and important methods that will help to increase the number of hits on your site.