Wireless networks are enhanced networks of computer technology that help in transmitting information without the use of wires or any electrical conductors. Although these products of modern technology have had a significant impact on the world and have made lives convenient and easier for net savvy individuals, many times there are users who experience weak, fluctuating or practically no network signals on their computer. This could mean the computer or device isn’t as fast as it should be. There are several steps one may take to extend one’s wireless range and improve his/her wireless network performance.

How to improve  wireless network signal

The first thing is to make sure, if one’s using a router at his home or workplace, that the router is placed in a central location. For example, if the router is placed against a wall or any such barrier, then the reception will be poor at the other end of the wall. Thus, making sure that there aren’t any distortions in the area concerned and the router is positioned in a proper location is an important concern. Also, the router needs to be placed at least a couple of feet above the ground, and away from metals, because the closer the router is to them, the poorer may be the reception. These are a major source of resistance and often result in poor signals.

Reducing wireless interference can also be an extra measure to enable better reception. For example, if one’s using some wireless items like cordless phones, he must avoid these electronic devices if they use the 2.4 GHz frequency, and instead obtain cordless phones or devices that use 900 MHz or 5.8 GHz frequencies.

Apart from taking care of this, one can also use a high gain antenna instead of the router’s standard antenna for better signal. The high gain antenna sends signals in one particular direction as opposed to the former which sends signals in all directions. In this way, the complete strength of the signal is focussed in one particular direction. Also, routers function on different channels which differ according to signal strengths. Channels can be changed, just like radio stations, to make sure the wireless device is functioning at its best possible performance.

Some people use wireless repeaters which are devices that are used to enhance the range of a wireless network. The network card installed in the host needs to be checked regularly as well, to ensure its capability of sending and receiving signals.

The router manufacturer’s website needs to be checked regularly to keep oneself up-to-date as there are regular performance updating tips and recommendations. Router manufacturers make free updates and improvements for their customers which sometimes results in better performance.

Either ways, there are lots of alternate methods to ensure the functioning of a healthy network signal on one’s device. Even if one way of resolving the reception issue isn’t foolproof, a combination of methods may resolve the concern.