Microsoft excel is an application developed by Microsoft using a programming language called Visual Basic for Applications or VBA. MS Excel is a spreadsheet program used for accounting purposes. Here you will find a very large number of cells forming a grid like structure of rows and columns. You can enter text, numeric values, alphanumeric text as well as formulas and symbols in these cells. Excel uses timer function for setting up reminder for certain jobs which is to be done.

The timer function is a part of the Visual Basic for Applications or VBA language. Since VBA is the developing language for MS Excel, you can insert this function in your Excel worksheet.

To perform this task, follow the step by step information given below:

Step 1: This includes opening the Excel spreadsheet.

Step 2: Click on the Developer tab on the main menu bar. If you cannot find Developer tab there, go to Microsoft office logo on the top left corner of the screen and click on it. A new window will open and in this window, click on the Excel options button. Choose popular in the Excel options window. Then check the Show Developer tab in the ribbon option. The Developer tab will appear in the main menu bar.

Step 3: clicking the Developer tab will open a list of menus. Click on Insert in the Controls group. This action will give you a drop down menu and from this menu, select Procedure. You will be asked give this procedure a name .Type the name you like, but it will be helpful if you give this procedure some relevant name something like Exceltime. Select the type as Sub.

Step 4: Here you should be a bit careful while typing the text given below. The text

should be on separate lines. And they should be between the Public Sub ExcelTime() and End Sub in the right pane and type the following:

Dim Pause_Time, Start, Finish, Total_Time

If (MsgBox(“To Get a Break Reminder Press Yes… “, 4)) = vbYes Then

PauseTime = 10

Start = Timer

Do While Timer < Start + Pause_Time


Application.Speech.Speak “It is Break time!”


Finish = Timer

TotalTime = Finish – Start

MsgBox “Total Break time= ” & Total_Time & ” seconds”



End If

End Sub

Step 5: Press the function 5 key on the keyboard. An Excel worksheet containing a small window will open. In this window you will see the message To Get a Break Reminder, Press Yes and wait for few seconds. If this little window does not appear, go and check if you have inserted the right code mentioned in step 4 fully and correctly. If not, then type it just as it is given there.

Step 6: you can also assign this action a shortcut key. For this, click on the macro option listed under the Developer tab. A Macro dialog box will appear. Select it there and click on Options.

By following the step by step procedure given above, you can insert a timer in your Excel spreadsheet.