MS office contains several tools like MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word and MS PowerPoint in general. All these are very popular office tools and use on very large scales. PowerPoint is used to present slide show presentation program that allow users to easily create presentations. These presentations may include objects such as charts, graphs and data tables or figures. You can easily move data from excel to PowerPoint and vice-versa because both are compatible to each other. If you want you can easily insert MS excel object directly to PowerPoint. You can also use copy-paste option over a MS Excel worksheet. In this article we will discuss how to insert an Excel object in MS PowerPoint easily.

Follow the instructions given below.


First step is to open the PowerPoint presentation and just click on a blank slide in the slide list. It is usually present on the left hand side of the window. You can also get a blank slide using the right click on the slide area and choose new slide.


Now the second step is to click on the insert tab and then click object.


You can see a circle next to the option called “create from file” and then click browse. Browse for Excel worksheet on your computer and select one that you want to insert into PowerPoint. After selecting the desired worksheet, click OK and again click OK.


If you want to paste a chart in another format then click the arrow on the paste button and then select paste special. When you click paste special, you will get a list such as:

If you want to paste a chart as a static picture then select any picture. Picture format will provide the best quality, you can also click MS Office graphic object to paste a chart as a graphic objects. After that you can edit by using chart tools in PowerPoint or if you want to paste the chart as an embedded object that is linked to the source data, then click MS office Excel chart object.

You may want to paste the chart as an Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) PowerPoint application, then click MS Office Excel Chart object and then select the display as icon check box. These options may not be available if you are using MS office in compatibility mode, so make sure before doing these operations.

You can also use this option to insert a chart from MS Excel 2007 to MS PowerPoint 2007. You can do this by clicking chart button the ribbon, then insert and then illustrations. After inserting the chart, you can further modify in PowerPoint 2007 using its chart tools. All the charts that you create in PowerPoint will be embedded in PowerPoint presentation. The source data will be entitled to the MS Excel worksheet.

Using these tips and steps given above, now you can insert Excel documents in PowerPoint presentations.