Setting up your newly bought Linksys WPSM54G or PSUS4 print server should be a relatively easy task, as I found out, under the three operating systems i.e. Windows XP, Vista, Vista 64, Windows 7 and Linux. For installation under Windows seven, I noticed that you do not even require the setup disk or drivers for Linksys. This is because they will most likely not function under the Windows 7 operating system. I would rather you set up the print server manually like I did and found out that it is quite simple.  The instructions as I have given them below should help you configure your Linksys WPSM54G or PSUS4 under the mentioned operating systems.

To set up your print server for any of the mentioned operating systems that has a web browser, all you have to do if follow the same operational procedures as you would for other of Linksys gadgets. But to begin with:


  • Ensure your printer and print server are both switched off and then connect the Linksys WPSM54G or PSUS4 print server to the USB port on the print server. At the same time, ensure you connect your internet connection, whether wired or wireless; if wired to the Ethernet port and then just switch on your print server followed by the printer. You will notice that the printer will be detected automatically.
  • Secondly, hold on the Reset tab for about 3 seconds and your print server will then print out a document containing its IP address. You can use anything suitable to hold down the reset button and be carefully as well when reading the IP address just to be sure.
  • Afteryou have gotten your IP print out, whatever configuration it is, enter the IP address into one of the computers on your network, for instance or any other
  • Once the page is opened, the default user name is not necessary thus leave it blank and your password is set to “admin” as default. Just go with the menu given and change the password if you want but be sure to note it carefully just so you don’t forget.
  • Complete your network configuration by assigning a fixed IP address, mask and gateway. If unsure contact Windows command prompt and enter ipconfig/all.
  • The same goes for wireless networks, choose 64-bit if using the old 64-bit WEP models. Bes sure to type in the key and not the passphrase.
  • After following all of the above steps, save the changes and switch off the gadgets, remove the print server from power and disconnect internet connectivity. Just power it up again and the print server will be automatically detected and be connected to your wireless network. To be sure however, it is advisable to print out a status document just so you can check to ensure all is okay.

After changing the configurations as you did, you will henceforth administer your print server from the new IP address you fed it. The instructions are similar for UNIX OSs.