How to Install a Program

Installing new programs to your computer allows you to have better and improved working facilities. There are lots of programs that are already a part of the windows operating system but you might want to add lots more to enhance the functionalities that are available to you.

Ways to install the program

There are different ways through which you would be able to install the programs in your computer. As soon as you install the program in your computer you would be able to have improved and increased functionality that will be available to you with the help of your computer. The CDs or the DVDs can be used for installing new programs to your computer as well as the Internet and the network can be of help to you when you wish to install new programs to your computer. You can also uninstall or make some changes to the programs that are already installed on your computer.

Installing programs from CDs or DVDs

In order to install the programs to your computer with the help of the DVDs or the CDs, you must first insert the disc in your computer and then follow all the instructions that appear on the screen of your computer. Give in the password or the conformation when you are prompted to do so. Most of the programs that are installed from the discs open the wizard that can be very helpful for the installation. These wizards run automatically and the AutoPlay dialog box would appear on your screen. If the installation of the program does not start automatically you must check all the information which is a part of the program. With the help of this information you would be able to install the program manually.

Install a program through Internet

Click on the link which is given for the program in the web browser. In order to install the program on immediate basis click open or run and then proceed according to the instructions that appear on the screen of your computer. The administrator password or conformation should be provided if there is a prompt for that. If you wish to install the program at some later time then you should click on save and then the installation files cam be downloaded to your computer. Once you are ready to install the program on your computer then you should double click the saved file and then proceed according to the given instructions on the computer screen.

Installing from a Network

When you are connected to some domain like the internal corporate network which has all the programs on it which can be installed by your then you can easily install them with the help of the control panel. Firstly open get program by clicking on the start button then control panel then programs then programs and features. Then on the left pane you should click on install a program from the network. The program which you wish to install should be clicked from the list of the programs available and then click on install. If you are asked to give in the administrator password or any confirmation then you should do so.

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