In the field of marketing, presentation are very important in order to grow the business. We usually make use of PowerPoint in order to create a presentation with effects. In the presentation hall, screen of your laptop is not sufficient if you wish that each and every member in the hall must recognize you work. For that purpose you need a projector to project images on big screen. Here comes the question how to connect projector to the system. Well, it’s easy and can be done in few seconds. Here is the procedure how to establish connection between your projector and laptop.

Projector can be connected to sole computer or even to a computer in network. You have to plug the projector wire into the video port of your system. Projectors can also be connected to the USB port but unfortunately this facility is not available on all machines. Projector either uses VGA or DVI cables for connection. You must take care that you are putting the wire into right port otherwise it won’t be recognized by the operating system. There are four ways to display the content through projector.

After setting up connection between projector and laptop, turn on the projector. After making sure the projector is recognized by operating system, go into the control panel option in the start menu. There type ‘projector’ in the search box which will lead you to the Display control options. There select connect to projector tab which will provide you four options. First is computer. This shows desktop on your laptop screen and not on the bigger screen. If you are about to go for presentation then this mode is not suitable for you. If you are willing to make changes while presentation then this mode is helpful.

Second mode is Duplicate mode. In this mode desktop is shown both on bigger screen and your desktop monitor or laptop display. This is the ideal mode for presentation. By using this technique, you can control your laptop screen as well as bigger screen at a time and thus it is very beneficial for maintenance purpose. You can even make use of mouse pointer if you wish to indicate important points to the members of the meeting. Due to usual practice we are more comfortable to do changes on our system’s screen than the big screen in front of us.

Third mode is Extended mode. This mode extends the computer screen over a bigger screen thus making details more clear. It is also good for presentation purpose. Fourth mode is Projector only. It is exactly opposite of Computer only mode explained earlier. Only in this mode, we use projector screen to control presentation rather than our laptop screen. This same procedure can be used to connect projectors in a network. This technique let you give presentation by using a projector in network even when you are not in room of presentation or even in the apartment. Network capability of projector can be checked on manufacturer site.