The HP Laser Jet P2015 is a huge printer which is perfect for an office setting . HP and its distributors ship this printer right to your doorstep fully assembled, unlike other printers where you only receive the parts and you need to have it assembled for you. Being fully assembled is such a good advantage, since you all need to worry about is installing it to your computer.

However one cumbersome task with this printer installation is that, there is a need for you to start disassembling it a bit and take out a few plastic parts. Of course, once you have finally gotten rid of the plastics, you have to assemble the printer all over again. Although it may sound difficult, it actually is not. This feat is just close to a challenge, since having to disassemble and then reassemble, for most, is not a familiar way of printer installation.

1. First of all, once you have finally unpackaged the printer from its box and plastic encasings, you have to be sure that the cable for the power, as well as the disc for software installation is there. Now, if you check the parts and either one of them is missing, you need to contact HP right away.

2. Insert the given disc right into your computer’s appropriate drive and simply follow the guidelines or instructions that are provided by the installation wizard. The first thing the wizard will tell you is to press the button that releases the cartridge door, which is usually found at the printer’s topmost right corner. When you find it, press it, and then simply flip down the door.

3. You will find what is called a tray for the paper output, and you have to get rid of this tray. Afterwards, pull the cover of the cartridge so that you can see the cartridge. When you find it, pull it out and take the paper out of this particular area. There is also a tiny tab made of plastic that also needs to be removed from the cartridge’s roller side. To do so, you just have to lift it up and pull it off.

4. When you finally find the tab, try bending it and then pulling it out so that you can get rid of the tape that holds it down.

5. Shake the cartridge ever so gently in order to spread the ink that it contains. Put the ink back into its area. And lock it in by simply closing the cartridge door.

6. Pull the lower tray that is designated for the paper input out and simply adjust the installed guides for the paper. This way, the paper fits the inside part of the tray quite finely. You can tell if its fits just right without having to move so much. When this is done, you need to fill this tray with the appropriate paper. Once filled, close it up.

7. It is now time to connect the cable for the power back to its connector, which is usually found at the back part of the printer, to a certain power source of your choice. It can be easily connected to any series circuit or wall socket. With power, you can now turn your new HP printer on.

8. Of course, for it to be able to print what you have prepared for printing on your computer, you need to connect your new HP printer to your computer by merely inserting one of the ends of the cable of the USB into one of your computer’s USB ports. The opposite or the other end of the USB must be attached to the USB port that can be found on the printer.

Installation is nearly complete. With the provided steps, installing your HP Laser Jet printer is not so difficult after all. You just now have to add your printer to your own network with the use of an Ethernet cable and your printer is then ready for usage.