Installing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is not an easy task and is quite difficult especially if you are new to it. However gaining enough knowledge, one can try to install the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Here are the instructions to install it.

Start the Set up

  • Log on to the server on which the installation needs to be done. Installing exchange server 2003 needs administrative rights. Hence use an account which has complete administrative rights. Using the account which was used while running Exchange 2003 ForestPrep is a better option since that account has gained full administration rights.
  • Insert the Exchange Server 2003 installation CD into the CD Rom drive
  • Click on the start menu of your system and select the ‘Run’. Type E:\setup\i386\setup if E is your CDROM drive. Else replace E with the drive corresponding to CDROM.

Run the Installation Wizard

  • Installation wizard opens and you’ll see a welcome screen. Click on next. Here you’ll be prompted to agree the licensing agreements. Read the agreement and click on ‘I agree’ and click next.
  • Now you are taken to product identification page. Enter the 25-digit product key and click next.
  • Then opens the component selection page. On the component selection page, you’ll find a list of actions with component names. Assign proper actions to each component. Click on next to continue.
  • That takes you to the installation page. Here you’ll find two options. One is to create new exchange organisation and the other is to upgrade the existing exchange organisation. Since you are installing for the first time select ‘Create New Exchange Organization’. Then click on next.
  • You are the taken to the Organization name page. Here you’ll find a text box to enter organization name. The length of the organization name must have atleast 1 character and not exceed 64 characters. Alphabets (both upper and lower case), numbers, symbols like hyphen and dash and space are allowed to be used in Organization name. The Organization name once entered cannot be changed Hence, be careful to choose a proper organization name and go to next.
  • On clicking next, you will be directed to the liense agreement page. Read the terms and conditions and confirm agreeing to the licensing requirements.
  • You’ll find installation summary page where you’ll be required to confirm that the choice you made are correct. Check for the choices and click next.
  • The installation begins. It takes sometime to install the whole server. You will know the progress of the installation through the progress bar displayed on the screen which tells about the current actions. Once the installation is complete, click finish to complete the process. You will be prompted to restart the system. Click yes to restart the system.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is installed on your computer and ready to use. Once the installation is complete troubleshoot to find if the installation was successfully done.