The Android operating systems which are very popular now were developed by Google. When Google announced and launched Android in October 2008, everyone knew that it would become the best operating system for mobile devices. Android is an open source application, but it also comes with a Software Development Kit, which offers the necessary APIs and utilities for developers to easily build powerful applications for Android-powered mobile devices. The following tutorial we created especially for those of you who want to test the Android platform and install various applications, on the popular Ubuntu operating system. One of the coolest features of the Android system is that it is a complex operating system that completely enhances the user’s internet browsing experience. A phone which has Android OS is compatible with lots of applications and utilities. However if you are new users of Android Smartphone, there may be some difficulty in knowing how to install and uninstall these applications when necessary. This article will clarify the instructions. The primary way or the most common way is to install an Android application is directly through the Android marketplace. When you use this application you will find that it has also been modeled after the Apple’s iPhone store. A third party developer may create an application and upload it, leaving anyone with an Android to download them. Most are free, but some cost money.

Steps to install applications for Android:

Step1: First you have to make sure that Java is installed on your phone. On your phone there should be application menu that should be easily accessible, you can see Android marketplace in your android phone. You just have to open that application.

Step2: After you open the application, you’ll see lots of options. There you can see apps, games, and a search function. Now browse through the categories for some window shopping or use search to find something specific. Now you just click on what you are interested in and you will see details and user comments. Now you can see install bar up on the bottom. If you want the application then select it, the application will start downloading.

Steps to remove applications:

Sometimes you just not want to keep an application. The main reason may be you just found a better and improved version of the software or the application has simply worn out its welcome. Removing or uninstalling an application is just as easy as installing it:

The first step is to open the Google Android Menu. Now Go to the Settings icon and select Applications. The next step is to click on Manage. Now you will see a list of installed applications will appear. Now you just have to select the one to be uninstalled and simply click Uninstall. This article will help you to install and remove application on Android 2.0; it provides a graphical user interface unlike previous ones. You will now not mess with command line user interface, it is very user friendly and one of the easiest to use.