The most common upgrade that everyone undergoes is an upgrading of storage space. This is because storage space is the first thing that you run out of in the world of computers today. This is perhaps the biggest rational update in terms of the original one used while your computer was made. The reason to this is because storage spaces have been enhanced and the denominations are multiple times compared to the ones year or two back. There are two types of hard disks available in the market that is doing this job for you. These hard disks are explained in the article below.

External Hard disk drives

This is by far the simplest way to deal with storage space. You can plug in an external unit in order to make the simplest upgrade of space in your system. The external hard disk drive is a simple storage space that you cannot use as your primary disk where you can install your operating system. These volumes can be used for the purpose of storing program files and other files that need plenty of space.

These volumes are a great help to those who have to carry their stuff with them all the time. You can add as much of your photos and videos in it depend on the size denomination that would give you plenty of space in any way. Music, videos and photos are the type of stuff that needs plenty of storage space and the standard hard disk drives run short of space due to the same reasons.

The handling is as simple as anything. All you need to do is to plug in your external hard disk to one or two of the USB ports available on the back of your computer. Almost all of the hard disks available in the market today are having inbuilt power management as well. The USB cable carries ample current to run them in proper manner. In case your hard disk has an external power management system, connect it to the power supply before you can use it.

Internal Hard Disk Drives:

Handling internal hard disk is technical compared to the external version. The first step that you must follow is to disconnect your computer from the power supply. This ensures that you don’t get an electric shock while playing around with the computer CPU. There might be two ways to enhance the storage space. One is to add a hard disk of larger denomination replacing the previous one while the other might be adding a new one with your existing hard disk still there. Follow the following steps in order to add an internal hard disk:

  • Remove the cover of your system that might be fixed using clamps or screws.
  • In case you are replacing your previous hard disk, disconnect the power cord and data cable from the hard disk and release the screws setting the hard disk on the bay. In case you are installing another one, place that on the empty bay and screw the hard disk to make sure that shock does not displace it.
  • Once fixed, connect the hard disk with the power cord at the first place.
  • Connect the hard disk with the type of cable that fixes in the slot. Technically, there is a choice between IDE cable and SATA cable. Connect it accordingly.
  • Place the cover back and connect your computer with the power supply.

You can move into the computer management tools to make partitions in the hard disk and manage space that you can use for storage. Most internal hard disk drives need to be formatted before use. You can perform the format by right clicking on the new volume and format it using the format selection.