Multimedia and audio is a great concern to many people around the world who use their computers for entertainment purposes as well. The latest motherboards used in building computers are having an inbuilt sound card for your entertainment as well. There are two cases where you need to install a sound card. Either your computer does not have a sound card with its motherboard or you need enhanced options using an advanced sound card. In both these cases, you need to install a sound card.

Hardware installation:

The hardware based installation can be done in a desktop computer as laptop computers do not allow easy installation of hardware enhancements. Locate the sound card that you wish to install, a Phillips screwdriver as well as an empty slot or a slot that can be freed.

Open the CPU:

The first process to install a sound card is to open the CPU to make the hardware installation. Follow the simple steps to open your CPU:

  • Switch off the power supply of your computer and remove the power plug in order to make sure that you leave no chance of an electric shock while dealing with the hardware.
  • The side covers of your computer can easily come off using clamps or screws that you can un do by using the Phillips screwdriver.
  • Trace the empty slot in case there exists any, else locate your previous sound card that needs to be removed before the new one is installed.

Remove the old sound card:

You need to remove any sound card that is damaged or no more works. Follow the following steps in order to remove the old sound card already installed on your system:

  • Locate the sound card already installed in your system.
  • Disconnect any cable that connects to it.
  • Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove any screw connecting your sound card with your computer casing.
  • Remove it vertically from the PCI slot in order to make sure that you make no further damage to any of the card or the PCI slot.

In case your purpose was just to remove the card from the slot and you intend not to add a new one, you can use a cover to put on the empty slot.

Installing a new sound card:

To install a new card, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find an empty slot in your computer. If there is no slot empty, you can remove any card that you don’t use any more in order to add the new addition.
  • Insert the card into the PCI slot gently making sure that you do not damage the card.
  • Connect any cable that needs a direct connection to any other hardware.
  • Screw the card with the case in order to make sure that everything is at the right place.
  • Close the computer case and put the chord back into the electric supply.

Software installation:

The hardware usually is accompanied by software driver. The manufacturer of the sound card would have developed its drivers so that you device runs normally. Most of the time, your hardware changes are detected and automatically dealt with, in case it doesn’t, you can use the disk to install drivers to run your soundcard and enjoy the sound.