Bluetooth device is a wireless device technology that is widely used in many aspects of our life today. Bluetooth devices are commonly found in a computer or a device to serve many wireless functions such as sending and receiving files. This article will discuss how to include an additional Bluetooth device, how to send a file with a Bluetooth device, and how to receive files using the Bluetooth technology in computers installed with Windows XP service Pack 2. This article will provide easy steps to make adding, sending, and receiving easy and fast.

Adding a Device

1. Click the Start Button > click Run, encode bthprops.cpl
2. Locate Bluetooth Settings, and then click Add.
3. In the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard, locate and select the My device is set up and ready to be found check box, and then click Next
4. Select a device to add, and then click Next.
Some devices have a passkey that you need to enter in order to establish a connection. With a passkey, the security of your connection is much more established and trusted. But some devices may have no passkey. When a passkey is asked, enter the passkey and then the computer will directly connect and verify.

Sending a File

1. Click the Start Button > click Run, encode %windir%\system32\fsquirt.exe, and then click OK.
2. Locate the Do you want to send or receive a file? Find the page of the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard, locate and click the Send a File command, and then click the button labeled Next.
3. Locate the Select command, which is precisely where you intend to send the file page, click on the Browse button, and select the system’s device or computer that you intend to send a file to, and then, afterwards, click the Next button.
4. When you are on the Select the file you want to send page, click Browse, and select the file that you wish to send.
5. When the connected device or computer is set to receive the file, click Next.

Receiving a File

1. Click the Start Button > click Run, encode %windir%\system32\fsquirt.exe, and then click OK.
2. Go to the Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard command, and, afterwards, click the Receive a File button, and then click Next. “Windows is waiting to receive the file” message will appear.
3. On the device or computer that is sending, click Next to begin the transfer.
4. Go to the Save the received file page, encode the name of the file in the File name box, click Browse to select the destination where you want to save the file you want to send, and then click Next.

A Bluetooth device can be used to connect two devices to send and receive files and data from a computer to a device or vice versa. The steps provided will aid Windows XP service pack 2 users in setting up the connection, sending a file, and receiving a file, with simple steps that you need to follow. With the steps provided, you are now able to send and receive files easily in a wireless environment.