Many a times, it so happens that windows crashes and the system just would not boot, despite all your efforts. What is one expected to do in such a scenario? For people who often have to worry about windows crashing or the system not booting, here is a chance to set it all right in no time at all. By using Recovery Console in windows XP, you can easily solve the above mentioned problems.

What is a Recovery Console?

In order to recover your system, files and documents, you need to check your system for the corrupt files that are hindering the working of Windows. For the same purpose, you make use of Recovery Console. Recovery Console helps an administrator to locate drives and files that are malfunctioning and thereby by removing them, helps the system to reboot again. While it is easy to use, Microsoft nevertheless recommends that only advanced users use this mode of recovery for the fear of loss of documents and certain important files. Recovery console should be opted as a last resort when the safe mode and other start-up options fail to work. Then again, only the administrator can use this mode of recovery. Some of the administrative tasks that can be performed using the Recovery Console are formatting drives, writing data on local drive, enabling or disabling services etc. Recovery Consoles can especially help when you have to reconfigure service or files that are preventing the windows from starting.

How to install Recovery Console?

In order to install Recovery Console, you would be required to get a Windows XP CD. Always ensure that the version of the CD is similar or better than the version that is installed in your computer. SP3 therefore will prove to be the best choice for all. Once you have the CD, follow these simple steps to install Recovery Console.

Step 1: Insert the CD into the CD-ROM Drive.

Step 2: Go to ‘Start’ and click on ‘Run’.

Step 3: In the text box, type d:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons, where‘d’ donates the CD-ROM drive.

Step 4: This will open a Windows Setup dialogue box. Within the box will be an option of Recovery Console. Click ‘Yes’ in order to install.

Step 5: Restart the computer now. This time you will see an option on your computer ‘Microsoft Windows Recovery Console’ within the start-up menu.

Recovery Console is installed and ready to use.

How to use Recovery Console?

Step 1: As you restart your computer, you will see a ‘Welcome to setup” screen. For the recovery console mode, press ‘R’.

Step 2: Depending on the type of boot (dual or multiple) that your computer supports, select the installation through the recovery console.

Step 3: You will then be prompted to enter the administrator password. In normal, default mode, there is no password set for administrator account. However, if you have set a password, type in that password, else simply press ‘Enter’.

Step 4: A command prompt will appear. Simply type the commands required to diagnose and repair the windows XP. (Note: in case you are unaware of the commands, simply type ‘recovery console commands’ or ‘help’ in the command prompt and the entire list of commands will come. Further, in order to know the details of these commands, type ‘help command-name’ in the prompt and the details of the respective command will be presented before you.

Step 5: Once you are done with the repair and resolve work using the recovery console, simply type ‘exit’ at the command prompt and press ‘Enter’.

Step 6: Shut down your computer and restart it again.