Virus attack is the biggest threat in the cyber world now-a-days. It attaches itself with any file or mail and then makes multiple copies on your computer and spread over the internet. The major effect of a virus on your computer is the poor performance. Virus eats high amount of system resources and does let required applications to work properly. If the virus is more fatal then it can also lead the system lock up and no boot situation sometimes. A virus is designed by hackers mainly to perform damage on a system o remove files and delete data from hard drives. Some of the virus passes the personal and confidential information like passwords, banc information back to hackers. Virus also cause unwanted pop-ups and interrupted internet browsing.  This is the reason why every user must have an antivirus application installed on computer and you can also install an antivirus program on an infected PC.

Here are some tips to install antivirus program on an already infected computer:

Step 1:

The first steps would be to perform a thorough online research to select the appropriate antivirus applications. There are so many antivirus programs available online and that also free of cost. You need to decide which antivirus application will be suitable to remove the infections from your computer.

Step 2:

Once you are sure on which application to use, go to the manufacturer’s website to download the installation file in case of using any free software. Copy the complete URL and paste the link on the ‘Run’ prompt. Follow the instruction and fill the correct information asked during the process. It is not suggested to use any web browser to download antivirus application while your computer is already infected by virus.

Step 3:

If you are going purchase the antivirus application then click on the provided link. This will ask you to make payment either by credit card of by a PayPal transaction. Once you make the payment for the license, a confirmation email will be sent to your primary email address. This email will have the download link and serial key for the antivirus application.

Step 4:

You can also order CD for the antivirus application which can be used to install the security software. Inset the dick in the CD drive and follow the instruction to install the application. Once the installation is completed, it will create a shortcut for the same on your desktop and a Program entry in the start menu.

Step 5:

Launch the antivirus application either by clicking on the desktop shortcut or from Start menu. Once the Antivirus application is open, try to look for the option “Start Scan”. Click on ‘Start Scan’ option and perform full scan. Once the scan is complete, it will show you the list of the infected files which you need to remove permanently.

These are the very simple steps to remove the infections from already infected computer.